How I finally got rid of cellulite after trying everything

Hi! My name is Karen and up until now, I’ve had a problem with cellulite. The fatty deposits on my body were unsightly and they caused me a lot of embarrassment. Try as I might to get rid of them, I had no luck. My cellulite was omnipresent and daunting. It caused me to engage in ridiculous behavior to hide my lumpy skin. I mean, how would you feel if all of your friends were at the beach wearing bikinis, and you were sitting under an umbrella with a long skirt and long sleeved blouse on, scared to move around to go in the sea?

I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve gone to extremes to hide my cellulite but what else is a girl to do? Suffer the embarrassment that goes with having a less than perfect body? I don’t think so! I wanted to get rid of my cellulite and fast. I wanted the option to wear whatever I felt like wearing without being subconscious about my legs, thighs, arms, and buttocks. After all, I love cute clothes and shoes but I first had to understand cellulite so I could treat it properly.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is not a medical condition but it is unattractive. I don’t know very many women that embrace the fatty deposit that build up beneath the skin. Cellulite is lumpy and bumpy looking because it pushes against connective tissue and cause the skin above it to pucker. Cellulite won’t cause you any harm but it can cause you to dislike different areas of your body if you have too much of it and this can really effect self confidence.
What is cellulite
Women typically get fatty deposits of skin on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Some women, like myself, have even even had it on their arms. This makes it very difficult to hide it. There are a number of different articles of clothing that can’t be worn by a woman with cellulite on their body. I never really felt comfortable wearing a bikini because of my cellulite and sundresses and sleeveless blouses were unheard of. I simply didn’t have a single one of these items hanging in my closet but they were the things I spent longest looking at when I went shopping for clothes.

Causes of Cellulite

There are a number of different things that cause cellulite. In fact it can’t be attributed to diet alone because even some thin people have cellulite. Some of the other factors that cause or contribute towards cellulite are:

  • Slow Metabolism
  • Fad Dieting
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Dehydration
  • Fad Dieting
  • Total Body Fat
  • The Color and Thickness of Skin

As you will see from the above list some of these elements are really not easy to control, genetics can play a massive part in the body you gifted and the really scary thing is that some of the treatments available, especially online can actually be really harmful, even the ones that are advertised as “natural”.

Cellulite is the nemesis of women of all ages. I never dreamed I’d being dealing with the embarrassment of fatty skin deposits, especially at such a young age. In fact, I did everything I could to prevent cellulite from accumulating. I guess for some people, it’s unavoidable. I’m glad, however, that there are a number of different ways to treat cellulite.

Who wants to wear warm weather clothes in the middle of summer? I hated wearing long sleeves and pants in an attempt to cover up my cellulite. I wanted to wear shorts and flowy dresses but I was too afraid my lumpy skin would show. Look at the cover of every tabloid. The celebrities featured on them get a bad rep for being “flabby”. Why would I subject myself to such cruelty?

Cellulite is Actually Very Common

Cellulite free Cellulite is a lot more common than you would think. Still, I hated how it clung to my legs and thighs. I wanted to be able to buy a new wardrobe and wear it without being too self-conscious. I found myself constantly hiding my body. The less revealing clothing hung on the rack as I chose ‘safer’ alternatives. I couldn’t bear the idea that someone wouldn’t see me for me. I was afraid they’d be too busy focusing on my cellulite instead.

Cellulite Treatments Frustrated Me

I tried a number of different cellulite treatments with little success. The only thing they were good for was making me feel more and more frustrated. I was willing to spend money on the right option. I didn’t care about the cost yet each treatment required a bit more out of me and promised little to no results. If the celebrities can get rid of cellulite quickly, why couldn’t I?

Was I doomed to have lumpy fat on my arms, legs, thighs, and buttocks for the rest of my life only to learn it would worsen with age? I couldn’t stand the idea of another decade of wearing long sleeved shirts and blue jeans when my friends were dressed to the nines in cute, feminine dresses and tank tops. I knew that I had to do something about my cellulite and do it quickly.

I needed a miracle cure for cellulite, one that gave me back my life. I wanted to go out boating, to the beach, and swimming pool and feel great about my body. I wanted to go out to dinner and dancing with my significant other without worrying about him catching a glimpse of my cellulite.

I was tired of parts of my body looking like cottage cheese. I knew that cellulite wasn’t harmful but it was bothersome. I did some research online and determined that it was high time that I got rid of mine once and for all. Some people are genetically predisposed to cellulite so there’s not much they can do to prevent it. I suspect I happen to be one of those women but as with any area of medical science where health is not directly effected (cosmetic) the research available is limited and the treatments, in may cases, untested or unproven but always well marketed.

Statistics state that 8 out 10 women have some degree of cellulite at some time in their lives. As we grow older, the skin loses its elasticity making it harder to fight lumpy skin deposits. I don’t even want to think about my cellulite getting worse. It was so hard to get rid of in the first place.

At one point in time, I think I tried everything. I was about to give up but I found hope. I found something that worked for my cellulite and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. After all, if I could save one woman from going through what I went through to hide my cellulite, I would and I have right here.

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